Karate Classes for Children in London

We teach karate classes for children aged 4-11 years in schools across London. Every session is led by a fully qualified and police checked instructor delivered with a keen focus on improving your child’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Small Classes – No Contracts – Strong Roots

Karate at School

Our Breakfast, After-School and Saturday morning karate classes teach more than just kicking and punching. 

Your child will also learn the importance of healthy eating, natural exercise and positive karate values such as respect, honesty and fair play. 

Our unique style of karate is fun and engaging balancing high energy workouts and calming meditation which have been shown to improve concentration and retention in other subjects.

Benefits of Karate

“Karate isn’t about fighting, but rather ‘not fighting’

Through karate your child will unlock a specific set of traditional skills to help them navigate this fast changing world with calmness and confidence. They’ll learn to connect with their intuition, communicate well and stay focussed on their goals.

We know from our own journeys that these traits build an invaluable foundation in children that will enrich and empower them as they grow.

What Parents Say

C. Crowther

London school of Karate has helped with my daughters confidence, flexibility and fitness. It is supportive and the teacher always want the best for you. There’s a real sense of friendship and nurture as well as training and dedication to helping reach their best potential in Karate. I couldn’t recommend this school highly enough.

H. Still

Amazing classes. My child has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years showing not only confidence and agility but also a great sense of mindfulness. In my opinion these classes are an essential life skill in self defence.

L. Beaton

The London School of Karate class is my 7-year-old daughters favourite activity of the week. During the last two years she has worked through the grading system and performed at the Okinawa Japanese festival. The class size is limited, and this has allowed her to build a good relationship with the instructor Joel.

My daughter says the atmosphere of the lessons are calm and quiet with just breathing apart from the EEYAH at the end of each set of punches or kicks. Practising Karate has enabled her to develop physical strength, balance, suppleness and body awareness. She says she can stand on one leg all night!

Meet the Team

Our desire is to help children experience the same feelings of increased health, confidence and self-worth as we have. Our instructor team is fully committed to helping every student recognise their full potential through the transformative wisdom of Okinawan Karate and we present our classes in a traditional format that is both nurturing and mentoring.

Joel Reeves,
Chief Instructor – Began training at the age of eight. He has lived and trained extensively in Japan and Okinawa where he is the private student to one of the art’s most senior teachers.

Joel’s approach seeks to restore many of the health aspects of traditional training that have fallen to the wayside in many dojos as they focus on sporting achievements.

Katarina Lezova,
Instructor – Started training in karate at the age of eleven initially in Goju-ryu and then Shuri-ti.

Her approach to teaching brings technical ability balanced with mindful meditation. Katarina sensei leads our junior karate classes in Epping.

Courtney Veldman,
Instructor – With twenty years training, Courtney is known for her technical skill, humour and passion for teaching karate. She is an internationally accredited martial arts coach and has been teaching Junior Karate Programs in Australia, US & Europe helping students to reach their goals.

From Autumn 2019 Courtney will be leading our junior karate classes in Barnes and South West London.

Donovan Harry,
Instructor – Training in karate since the age of fifteen Donovan sensei is an inventive and enthusiastic instructor inspiring fitness and ability in his students.

Currently living in Madrid, Donovan leads a number of after-school karate classes for children.

Tom Henshaw,
Assistant Instructor – Tom brings a warm and friendly approach to his teaching and often assists at special events when not wild-camping or hiking in the mountains.