We teach Karate classes for children aged 4-11 in schools across London. Our sessions are safe, structured and organised, with a strong focus on developing health, confidence and defence.

Our training programs are designed for each groups specified age. Physically and mentally four year olds require different training than seven year olds and the same goes for eleven and up.

Every session is led by a fully qualified and DBS checked instructor who has trained at our HQ dojo in Okinawa, Japan.


Our Approach

Health Defence, not fighting.

Each lesson builds upon a series of martial arts exercises that have been carefully selected to nourish your child’s developing joints and muscles. This not only improves their physical health and fitness but also strengthens the immune system and develops balance, concentration and awareness too.

Karate also nurtures self-esteem alongside positive expressions of self-discipline, respect and integrity.

What parents say

“My two boys have been learning karate with Joel two years now. It’s the highlight of their week! They learn a lot and are very proud of their newfound skills”
Amy, mother of Tom & Felix


“My children have blossomed under Joel’s teaching. They both look forward to karate as one of the top highlights of their week. As a parent, I appreciate one of the key messages of the lessons: the need for self-discipline!”
Topaz, mother of Clementine & Laurie

Our Journey

With over fifty years combined training our desire is to help children experience the same feelings of increased health, confidence and self-worth as we have through the transformative wisdom of Okinawan Karate.

Joel Reeves, 5th dan,  began training in karate when he was knee-high to a grasshopper. As a qualified Shiatsu Therapist his karate training focusses on techniques that nourish healthy development. A frequent visitor to Okinawa, he is the private student to Higa Kiyohiko, one of the art’s most senior teachers.


Katarina Lezova, holds the rank of 3rd dan and began her training in Okinawan karate aged 11. In addition to karate she studies Shiatsu and Tai Chi, bringing a refreshing approach to improving health & wellbeing through her teaching and personal coaching.

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Throughout the year we host several events, including gradings, camp days and demonstrations. In addition to this we host regular ‘assemblies’ and ‘open sessions’ where the children demonstrate to parents and invite friends on to the floor.

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