We teach Okinawan Karate to children aged 4-11 in schools across London

We are a friendly dojo with a strong emphasis on nourishing your child's physical and mental development.

Working with Primary Schools across London we offer Breakfast, After-School and Weekend Karate classes for children aged 4-11 years. Every session is led by a fully qualified and DBS police checked instructor to ensure a safe and supportive environment for your child.


Small Classes - Qualified Instructors - No Contracts


We teach authentic Okinawan Karate to support healthy growth, strengthen immunity and boost confidence.


Our unique style of karate is holistic, fun and engaging, balancing high energy workouts and calming meditation.

The aim is to enrich every student to realise their full potential through the transformative wisdom of Okinawan Karate. Through our classes we teach a specific set of skills that empower young students to find inner-peace, connect and trust with their intuition and to step into their true power so that they can achieve their dreams as confident individuals.

When choosing a karate class for your child it is important to find one that understands and promotes techniques that will nourish their developing muscles and joints.

What parents say about our classes

London school of Karate has helped with my daughters confidence, flexibility and fitness. It is supportive and the teachers always want the best for your child. There’s a real sense of friendship and nurturing as well as training and dedication to helping them reach their full potential.

I can't recommend this school highly enough.

Mother of Courtney aged 8

Amazing classes. My child has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years showing not only confidence and agility but also a great sense of mindfulness.
In my opinion these classes are an essential life skill in self defence.

Mother of Bailey, aged 7

My older son has attended Karate classes with Joel for several years and my younger son just started in December. Both of them love it! London School of Karate teaches physical strength and agility but also mindfulness and respect to others.

I highly recommend it!

Mother of Cedric & Henry, aged 9 & 6

Each of us have trained in karate from an early age and recognise the benefits and strength karate has given us 

This enables us to connect with our junior students, engage them on their own level and lead them by the hand to recognising  their own inner-power.

Meet the Team

Joel Reeves, Chief Instructor, is the Founder of the London School of Karate. He started karate from the age of ten and has lived and trained extensively in Japan and Okinawa.

His approach to teaching blends sound principles of body movement with traditional karate.

Katarina Lezova, Senior Instructor, has over twenty-five years experience in Okinawan Karate having trained in Europe, Japan and Okinawa. Her keen enthusiasm and desire to help individuals grow shines through her classes in Epping, North London.


Courtney Veldman, Instructor, has over twenty years training having actively taught in Australia, US and UK. In her native home she has initiated her own junior karate programmes and is a driven instructor helping children to achieve their full potential through karate.

Courtney is currently leading our South West Karate classes in Barnes.

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Dojo: Bugeikan UK

Type: Okinawan Karate & Kobudo

Style: Syuri-Ti


Soke: Higa Kiyohiko 10th dan

Kancho: Joel Reeves 5th dan


Authority: Zen Okinawa Karate & Kobujutsu Association, OKINAWA, JAPAN

  • Barnes Primary School

  • St Osmunds School

  • Epping Primary School

  • info@londonschoolofkarate.com

  • +44 7454 783 634