Site Relaunch

A new term, a new website & Karate e-Dojo

UPDATE: During the summer our London School of Karate website experienced some critical technical issues that required the site to be built from scratch.

Welcome to our newly updated website and karate blog. Blog posts are going to give updates on classes, events and progress throughout the dojo as well as articles written specifically for parents so that they can gain a deeper insight into our teaching methods and your child’s karate journey.

Autumn term commences Saturday 14th September. Have your uniforms ready and prepare for an exciting new term of karate. There is lots going on behind the scenes to bring a new learning experience for junior members and their parents soon, stay tuned to learn more about the Bugeikan e-dojo!

e-Dojo, an online resource for children and parents.

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on the launch of a major new feature to our London School of Karate website. It’s called the e-Dojo, an online resource to enrich your child’s karate journey.

The Bugeikan e-Dojo isn’t just a series of ‘follow along videos’, but rather a fully interactive learning experience with structured lessons, topics and quizzes to help you and your child learn more about our unique style of karate.

The idea has been long in the pipeline. In addition to ‘how to’ tutorials their are going to be episodes about Karate culture and history, skill challenges and much more.

Logged in members will be able to track their progress through well structured courses relevant to their grades and ability in the regular classes. For those who do well there will be ‘bonus material’ unlocked along the way revealing further insights and advanced techniques to learn.