“In order to blossom, children need only Joy.

Karate teaches a specific set of skills that empower us to remain centred amidst a vibrant and changing landscape. It's more than just kicking and punching.

Through karate your child will learn traditional skills that will help them navigate the fast changing world they inhabit today. With calmness of mind and inner confidence they will learn to connect with their intuition, stay focussed on their goals and communicate well.

We know from our own journeys that these traits build an invaluable foundation in children that will enrich and empower them as they grow.

There are many reasons why parents choose for their children to join the London School of Karate such as safety, cost and convienience, but members stay for the greater benefits the discipline teaches.


We teach Okinawan Syuri-Ti Karate.

A friendly dojo with strong roots


Bugeikan is the name of our dojo in Okinawa; the birthplace and cradle of karate.

The Bugeikan was opened in 1953 to preserve a number of distinct and traditional karate styles amidst a growing trend morphing the art into modern sport.

Bugeikan literally means "House of Martial Arts" and through the Higa family it has one of the oldest traceable lineages, stemming back to the 1700's.



The techniques we teach were formulated by the Karate Master, Hanashiro Chomo and are collectively known as Shuri-te (Syuri-ti), which literally means the 'hands' (martial arts) of Shuri, the former capital of Okinawa and the Ryukyu Kingdom.



“Syuri-ti is a natural style, like walking down the street. Movements are soft and fluid, favouring speed and suppleness over muscular power.”

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Dojo: Bugeikan UK

Type: Okinawan Karate & Kobudo

Style: Syuri-Ti


Soke: Higa Kiyohiko 10th dan

Kancho: Joel Reeves 5th dan


Authority: Zen Okinawa Karate & Kobujutsu Association, OKINAWA, JAPAN

  • Barnes Primary

  • St Osmunds Primary

  • Epping Primary

  • info@londonschoolofkarate.com

  • +44 7454 783 364